-  Year Around Patio Lighting  -


Patio Lighting

Market Lights | String Lights are the perfect accent to an outdoor space.  They provide a classic nostalgic touch while illuminating an area that may once have been dark and uninviting.  Or, perhaps you are planning a party and not only would enjoy lighting for that event but also year around.  At Colorado Christmas Lights we have many patio lighting options for your home or business. 


-  Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting  -



The lighting design consultant will meet with you at your home and discuss the many customizable options for an LED Landscape Lighting System. The lighting consultant will ask you questions about your favorite parts of the yard or landscape. He/she will try to extract any particular areas you wish to accent or maybe the main outdoor entertainment area. Water displays, sculptures, large trees and architectural features are great areas to illuminate and highlight as well.


Landscape lighting or “Night Lights” 

Proper external lighting surrounding a home or business has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of crime. Colorado Christmas Lights will work with you to create the ideal lighting solution to fit your safety needs. By using specific fixtures and lighting shrubs and dark facades, CCL can help to eliminate areas that can easily become hiding places. The use of motion sensors and lighting areas that are scanned by surveillance cameras help to decrease an unwanted element.


Let Colorado Christmas Lights beautify your home or office where you only thought was possible during daylight hours. The CCL team of experts will work closely with you to strategically place specific low voltage outdoor fixtures in your lawn, flower beds, trees, ponds or waterfalls to accent the beauty of your landscape. Walkways, pathways and driveways can be illuminated for both aesthetics and safety. With Colorado Christmas Lights your home will make a statement every night!


With Colorado Christmas Lights you can create an ambiance for any occasion with specific landscape lighting or you can utilize CCL full line of festive holiday lighting features. When designing a truly unique experience your designer may recommend to create customized lighting zones or scenes. These let you turn on or off certain areas of your yard depending upon your use. If you are not entertaining or utilizing the rear yard you may only want the front entrance to be illuminated on certain nights. Entrance Mode: is a lighting scene to be displayed when entering your driveway or walkway, or coming home later in the evening. Entertainment Mode: is a mode that would be used to highlight your entire rear yard or patio area. But it may also be used to simply highlight a fire pit or water feature. Security Mode: this mode would initialize all the security lighting and motion sensors that are placed around your home.


If you’ve ever thought about having a lighting system installed at your home, now is the time. The latest advances in lighting technology have migrated the industry to all LED lighting aka (Light Emitting Diode). Though LED lighting has been around for several years it has not been until recently that the landscape lighting industry adopted the technology.


You’ll notice the dramatic difference by having an experienced low voltage lighting professional design and install your LED landscape lighting system. Most jobs are completed in one to two days from start to finish and you will be immediately enjoying the tranquility of your outdoor home lighting system.


  1. When it comes to energy efficiency and longevity of your low-voltage lighting system lamps, LED is definitely the way to go. LED lamps can operate using as little as 20% of the energy that your traditional halogen and incandescent lamps consume. This plays a big part in lowering the annual energy costs you have associated with operating your outdoor lighting system.
  2. LED lamps also last much longer than traditional halogen and incandescent lamps. Halogen and incandescent lamps last an average of 1000 to 5000 operating hours. This means that these lamps will need to be replaced anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on how long you run your system at night. LED lamps are rated as high as 40 to 50,000 hours, meaning you will not have to replace an LED Lamp for at least 8 to 12 years, or more.
  3. This lessens the cost in replacing costly halogen and incandescent lamps which is also an advantage to using LED.
  4. For low-voltage outdoor lighting systems, the clear choice is using LED lamps and fixtures for your residential home.


Colorado Christmas Lights Landscape Lighting Division hand selects our LED lighting fixtures based on strength, durability, resistance to corrosion and visual appearance. By providing the highest quality material and workmanship, Colorado Christmas Lights can guarantee your outdoor lighting system for years to come. Our quality products will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.


No landscape lighting system is completed until the Colorado Lights 22-Point Quality Control inspection has been conducted. Colorado Lights keeps to their strict measure of high quality work by conducting a 22-point inspection at the end of each exterior lighting installation. This ‘checklist’ allows the installation team to ensure that the quality of products and work performed meets the Colorado Christmas Lights standard of high quality workmanship, and to ensure another satisfied customer.


Colorado Christmas Lights recommends one annual maintenance visit to keep your LED low voltage system operating at peak performance. During the visit, a skilled outdoor lighting technician will clean and adjust all the lighting fixtures and lamps. They will be adjusted for proper focus to enhance the intended lighting affect. Trimming and minor pruning around light fixtures helps to maintain that the light is open and unrestricted. All timers and/or photo sensors will be checked and adjusted.


Colorado Christmas Lights will also give you the option to operate your new LED landscape lighting system with the touch of a button. New handheld remotes give you the freedom and the ability to control any part of the lighting system around your home. If you wish to only illuminate the front of your home, the handheld remote can be pressed to keep the other parts of the lighting system off that evening. If it is only the security light you would like to have remain on, that too can be programmed. The entire system can be operated directly from the remote, either inside or out. So bring to life the scenes you wish to display to your friend and neighbors.

Contact us today and let’s create a beautiful LED Landscape Lighting portrait for your home!

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