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Colorado Christmas Lights offers lighting products for all types of commercial and residential properties in Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas including the mountains of colorado.  We install our own premium quality commercial lighting products that are energy efficient LED and possess a long life span, are extremely bright, brilliant in color, very reliable and are virtually indestructible.  


Rooflines | Gables

All holiday proposals start with lighting the roofline of your home or business.  We use special non-destructive clips and fasteners to ensure clean and straight lines. 


Doors | Entries

Drawing the eye to the front door of your property is the trademark of any beautiful holiday display as it is the focal point of the business and home. Installing a wreath fresh or artificial garland is a fantastic way to draw the eye to the front door! 




Lighting trees can be the most attractive part of your Christmas design. Our floating tree lights utilize commercial C9 bulbs that are extra bright and provide a random appearance. Couple the trees with our 8" LED spheres and the impact is that much greater (shown in photo)


Walkways |  Driveways

Accenting your driveway or walkways is a very unique and beautiful way to direct your company into your business or home.