Best schools in Boulder, Colorado

The family-friendly city of Boulder, Colorado is a great place to raise children. Anywhere you look, you’ll see kids of all ages. It’s no wonder that the city also has some of the best schools in the state. No matter if you have a young child or a teenager, you can rest assured they’ll receive a high-quality education at one of the top-rated schools. Here are a few of the best.


Bear Creek Elementary School


As part of the Boulder Valley School District, Bear Creek Elementary Schools is one of the leading educational facilities in the state. Children in grades K-5 get to participate in a wide range of classes. Not only do children learn the basics while in attendance, but they also have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

 The school caters to kids in the gifted and talented program. Students can also sign up for one of the many clubs, including the very popular Spotlights Choir and drumming club. There’s no better place in Boulder, Colorado to get a head-start in life than at this prestigious school.


Summit Charter Middle School


As the first charter school in the Boulder Valley School District, Summit Middle School aims to help students develop a lifelong love of learning. They offer a well-rounded curriculum to kids in grades 6-8. Since the campus is a charter program, parents must enroll their children in advance. There are limited spots available each year.

 While in attendance, students enjoy mix-aged classes and group activities. Classes include upper-level math and a wide range of science courses. A good mixture of art, music, and athletics makes sure kids have a chance to experience a plethora of opportunities during their time here.


Boulder Universal Online School


Those looking for something completely different may enjoy taking classes at Boulder Universal Online School. Unlike other schools in Boulder, Colorado, this campus offers virtual courses for students in grades K-12. It’s fully accredited by that state, ensuring all students enjoy a thorough and diverse education.

 Children interested in attending may either enroll full-time or take hybrid courses alongside their homeschool. Even though all classes happen online, students are welcome to visit a computer lab and mingle with other peers. The most successful students are those who are highly self-motivated and ready to work at their own pace. This unique campus is perfect for those who want a little more freedom in their education.


Fairview High School


Perhaps the highest rated school in all of Boulder, Colorado is Fairview High School. This prestigious campus serves a diverse student body in grades 9-12. It’s recognized at the national level for superior test scores. The school aims to prepare students for college and beyond. With plenty of counseling and college preparation opportunities, students graduate feeling ready for anything.

The curriculum at Fairview is impressive. Not only do students get their basic courses, but they may also take advanced placement courses to earn college credits in high school. But, it’s not all about math and science here. The school also has an impressive performing arts department. There’s something to make every pupil excited about coming to school each morning. Home

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