How much does your service cost?

Our holiday lighting and decor packages start at $999 and go from there depending on what you would like.  

I see lights are provided, do we purchase them or are they rented?

We are an All Inclusive leasing company providing commercial grade LED products.

How is pricing determined?

The price is factored by the size of the project, the product type, risk, difficulty of the display as well as when the work that needs to be completed.  Prices are generally less in September and October or early November as opposed to the holiday rush around and right after Thanksgiving.    

Do you take the display down at the end of the season and store the lights?

Yes. Taking down the displays and storing the lights is all apart of our service.   We begin "take down" on January 3rd and typically finish by January 31st at the absolute latest. We neatly label and organize everything into boxes and store them in our climate controlled facility for the next season. 

Is your work guaranteed? 

Absolutely 100%!  Our success revolves around making you another happy client. Our goal is to serve you for years to come and we'll gladly provide as many references as you'd like per your request. Obviously issues can occur with your light display such inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances.  If anything occurs which affects your light display, please call or email us immediately and we'll return to troubleshoot and fix whatever problem exists quickly and efficiently.

Do you provide lights and supplies, or do you hang mine?

All decor is included in the service packages with Colorado Christmas Lights.  If you have a few items to add to our display and need us to install them, we will discuss that at the time of your estimate.  

What if I want to change the colors in my display?  

No problem, changing colors is included in our lighting service! Just let us know in advance so we can make the changes prior to arriving onsite to install the lighting display.

Do I need to plug in and unplug the lights every night?

No. We utilize digital timers that have a battery backup.  You have the choice of photocell (when it gets dark it automatically turns the lights on for the selected hours desired) or, a digital timer that allows you to select the exact time you want them on and off at.  Ex: On 4:30pm, off 12:00am midnight.

Do I need to be home for the estimate?

We prefer someone is home to make contact but it isn't always necessary.  Our design professional will look at your home and put together a proposal for you that will be emailed to you. The proposal will be itemized with details and if possible a render will be included as well.  The proposal will included different display options and it will give you the flexibility to pick and choose the look you want, while still maintaining your budget.

Why should I use your service? 

We could go on and on about how great we are but please view what others say about us on google.