Residential Christmas Lights Installation

During the holiday season, most everyone–big and small–are a little happier, kinder and in a celebratory mood. What better way to express those all-around good feelings than to decorate your home in Christmas lights and décor.

At Colorado Christmas Lights, our residential holiday light installations include all types from patio homes, lavish estates to home owner association communities. Every front yard, tree, driveway, entrance, roofline and outdoor patio can mesmerize your guests, putting on a show for everyone to see and enjoy.


Lights Installation

Your home decorated lights can truly make the spirit of the holidays come to life. Just think about the well-lit roofline of your residence, the impressive Christmas tree inside, floating tree lights outside and all the splendid holiday decorations like snowflakes, wreaths, garland and bows.

From holiday light design consulting to Christmas light installations and maintenance, CCL offers a turnkey service that allows you to rent the entire solution. No climbing ladders, no purchasing materials, no detangling lights, in other words, no more lighting hassles! Relax while we do the work.

Besides a seamless service, you can count on all commercial grade lighting products, cutting-edge SMD bulbs and technology, low voltage and energy-efficient LED lighting options. 

 Lighting Design Consulting


Do you want mini LED lights to blossom on your tree trunks while C9s float in the trees?  Do you prefer C9s to highlight your roofline so Santa can find your home faster? How about icicle lights waving in the air as the snow falls creating that majestic holiday feeling?  Whatever your winter wonderland vision is, the Colorado Christmas Lights team can make it happen this year and every year to come.

For your dream to become a reality, our holiday lighting design consultant will assess your needs and collect all of the information we will need to convert them into a reality.  Beginning to end, we believe in working alongside all clients to ensure we execute every aspect of the holiday vision.

Our lighting design consultant will meet with you on-site to gauge the possibilities, and review the logistics of the display. Once the full scope of the lighting installation project is determined, we will formulate an estimate and send it via email.  The estimate will include various pieces of information so you will have clear expectations.

Repair and Maintenance


With Colorado Christmas Lights, you will rent our hassle-free Christmas lights décor and let us take care of all the details. Not only do we install your chosen masterpiece of lights, we also remove the entire installation during the month of January.

 Maintenance and support is provided throughout the season, so you can always count on a lasting light display. If something comes up and you need assistance or a bulb goes out, we ask that you fill out the support form on our website and we will send the service team to your home promptly.   You may also contact our staff by text as well.  Our dedicated service team handles all service calls and does regular drive-bye to ensure the lights are in working order, if not they will fix on the spot.  Hopefully before we get the call from you.




Colorado Christmas Lights exclusively rents everything related to your project to you. Since these items are mass-produced and applied outdoors, installed and removed, they tend to be finicky especially in the in climate weather, sunshine and in nature as a result of their use.  We provide the proper climate controlled storage required in order for the lights to maintain long term duration and withstand various weather conditions.





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