Boulder Christmas Lights | Holiday Lighting Installation


Being a Boulder county resident we always know when Christmas is around the corner. All we have to do is look west at Flagstaff to see the 150ft lit star on the side of the mountain shining over us. That star represents more then a symbol but a place for people to gather and to celebrate the holiday season. I can remember visiting the star as a kid, in high school, in college and even now that I live on Flagstaff myself. It is place of peace and joy and something for people to enjoy. Christmas Lights Installation allows you to enjoy the same feeling except in your close quarters at your home or commercial business location. We at Colorado Christmas Lights in Boulder thrive to provide a magical display with professional holiday lighting experts. Our team is not afraid of heights and will always practice with great safety taking away the daunting task for you of hanging off a ladder or walking on the roof. Sit back and enjoy the end result, we are passionate about spreading light and sharing the season with you.

The once old frustrating task of taking out the lights from a storage bin buried in the basement or garage is no longer a worry for you today. We install Christmas lights, then remove them with our turn key all inclusive service providing all materials, labor, installation, takedown and removal plus storage in our climate controlled warehouse. We are moments away in south Boulder in the town of Marshall.

Contact us today for your free estimate and to get onto our calendar before it fills up. We start installing lights in September thru the beginning of December then return after the holiday season at the beginning of January. Our professional Christmas Light Installation team in Boulder County is ready to serve you.