Stunning Christmas Light Installation in Broomfield, CO

When the holidays roll around, there’s no better way to be festive than with an extravagant light display. But hanging lights on your own takes a lot of time and effort—not to mention it’s also dangerous. That’s why you should count on the experts at Colorado Christmas Lights to hang your festive lights for you. We are the leading holiday light installers in Broomfield, CO and all of the surrounding areas. If you want your house to outshine everyone else’s, book our services today.

Residential Christmas Lights Installation

As a child, you probably looked forward to driving around and looking at holiday lights. Now as an adult, you want your home to be the most festive on the block. However, you probably don’t have the time to hang the lights you desire. That’s where Colorado Christmas Lights comes into play.

When you hire us, you get a turn-key light installation service. We’ll design a lighting arrangement that is sure to exceed your expectations. We work with each client to create a design that truly reflects their holiday spirit. No matter if you want a simple design or an over-the-top extravaganza, we’re the team for you.

Once you approve the concept, our residential Christmas lights installation team will get them hung in no time at all. We bring all the tools and supplies needed to transform your home into a holiday masterpiece. When the holidays are over, you can even count on us to take down all the lights. From start to finish, we offer a proven lighting solution.

Commercial Christmas Lights Installation

During the holiday season, more customers head out to the local shops. You want to make sure your business reflects the Christmas spirit. That’s why so many local businesses count on Colorado Christmas Lights to provide them with impressive light displays.

Our commercial Christmas lights installation team can handle any type of business, no matter the size. We’ll come up with a beautiful concept that fits within your company budget. Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger. We take care of everything, from installation to teardown. Our commercial clients use our dependable services year after year. Your business will not only look festive, but it’s sure to draw in more customers.

Event and Outdoor Lighting

While we’re regarded highly for our holiday displays, many people call our team at Colorado Christmas Lights for their event and outdoor lighting needs. Whether you’re planning a wedding or want some added patio lighting, we can lend a hand. We’ll hang all the lights you need to transform a basic space into something magical. We guarantee our work and want to make you a lifelong customer.

Decorating Buildings throughout Broomfield

Our team at Colorado Christmas Lights wants to make the upcoming holiday season one you’ll never forget. With our impressive light displays, your building will become the talk of the town. We’ve been in the lighting business for 10 years, and we’re ready to add you to our list of satisfied clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your buildng the most festive in the Broomfield community.

The Ideal Life in Broomfield, CO

The history of Broomfield, CO is fascinating. No one knows for sure how this city got its name. Some speculate it’s because of the broomcorn plants that grow in the area. This plant was once used to make brooms. The town was incorporated in 1961, but in the 1990s, government leaders voted to make the area both a city and a county. Finally, in 2001, the amendment passed, making the city the smallest county in the state. Although the area is only 34 square miles, it packs about 66,000 residents.

The average income in this city/county hybrid is about $85,000. That’s nearly a quarter more than the state average. Housing prices are slightly higher, with the typical single-family home running about $385,000. Compared to the rest of the country, this is about double the national average.

Since Broomfield is located between Boulder and Denver, it’s the ideal location for those who want to live in the quiet suburbs. Most workers commute for about 30 minutes each way. However, there are plenty of job opportunities located within the city limits. Some of the largest tech giants have a presence in town, including Vail Resorts, Level 3 Communications, and Mrs. Fields. Because of this, the unemployment rate is low, and new residents continue to move to the area.

The city has a reputation for being one of the best places to live in the state. Broomfield boasts more than 8,000 acres of open space, with hundreds of miles of trails. For those who would rather stay indoors, there’s also plenty of shopping available. FlatIron Crossing is the premier shopping destination in the city. It features over 200 shops and restaurants for both residents and guests to enjoy. Almost every month, you’ll find an entertaining event happening at the 1st Bank Center. This building hosts just about anything you could imagine, from rodeos to truck races. Those looking for a growing city with plenty to do will feel at home in Broomfield.