Christmas Store in Lakewood, CO

Decorating for the holidays is exciting. However, if you’re like many homeowners, you don’t have enough time to get it all done. If you want a bright, festive holiday lighting display, then you should reach out to Colorado Christmas Lights. We offer high-quality Christmas lights installation across Lakewood and the surrounding areas. With us on the job, you’re guaranteed the most impressive holiday lights on the block.

Outshine Your Neighbors with Professional Christmas Light Installation

Remember when your parents took you out to see Christmas lights? Now, as an adult, you can beautify your home for the season. Here at Colorado Christmas Lights, we handle every aspect of decorating. Our clients call us for:

  • Residential

Do you want the best Christmas lighting display in town? We make it possible. Our holiday lighting services make it easy to transform the outside of your home for the season. We offer everything, including:

  • Twinkling or colorful lights

  • Floating tree lights

  • Bright snowflakes

  • Festive wreaths

  • Garland and bows

Our outside Christmas lights are made to last. We use the highest quality, low-voltage LED bulbs. Not only will your house shine, but you won’t see a spike in your electric bill either.

  • Commercial

If you own a business, then you need to transform your space for the holiday season. Christmas decorations make your customers feel at home, and you’ll also entice new people to visit your establishment. At Colorado Christmas Lights, we can help you out. Some of our clients include:

Unlike other holiday lighting companies, we take care of every aspect of your design. We’ll come up with the perfect decorations for your space and even install them without getting in the way. All of our lights are guaranteed to work, and our maintenance crew will make sure your business stays well-lit all season.

Landscape lighting designer

Every outdoor space needs adequate lighting. The right outdoor lighting not only illuminates the area, but it also makes the space safer. At Colorado Christmas Lights, we can help you choose the best lighting display for your landscape.

  • Outdoor lighting

If you have a deck, patio, backyard kitchen, or even a pool, you can benefit from more lights. Instead of relying on standard lights, let Colorado Christmas Lights illuminate the way with a sparkling display.

Our outdoor event lighting rental includes everything you need to transform the mood of your outdoor space. We’ll install every light according to our detailed plan. Our talented designers will bring out elements of your landscape, including trees, columns, and walkways. When we leave, it’ll be easy to see in the dark.

  • Event lighting

When planning an outdoor event, don’t forget about the lights. You can count on Colorado Christmas Lights to handle all of your event lighting needs. Our technicians will carefully install each bulb. We offer our services for all types of outdoor events, such as:

  • Wedding lighting

  • Reception lights

  • Backyard parties

  • Social gatherings

Here at Colorado Christmas Lights, we take the guesswork out of great lighting. When you choose us, you’re getting access to a dedicated team who will go above the call of duty to make sure you get everything you need. Beautiful lights are only a phone call away. Get in touch with us to create a breathtaking lighting display.

The Growing City of Lakewood

Although originally founded in 1889, the city of Lakewood didn’t become incorporated until 1969. Before incorporation, the town was known as Jefferson City, but the name changed to Lakewood after incorporation to prevent confusion with other similarly named towns. It’s the most populated city in Jefferson County. Currently, about 155,000 people call this city their home.

The average annual income in Lakewood is only $59,000, which is a bit less than in other parts of the state. However, even with less money to spend, residents must come up with more money to buy property. The median home price is $333,000, which has more than doubled in the last 20 years. As more people move into the area, experts forecast that home prices will continue rising.

Many people live and work within the city limits. The Denver Federal Center remains the largest employer in the city, but many other well-known corporations call Lakewood home. These companies include 1stBank, The Integer Group, and Einstein Bros. Bagels. Some of the most popular industries for residents include healthcare, technical, education, and food services. Employment is highly diverse across the area.

If you enjoy the outdoors, then you’ll fit right in here. Lakewood offers plenty of recreational activities for residents. Some of the most popular places to visit during the weekend include Bear Creek Lake and William F. Hayden Park on Green Mountain. In total, the city boasts 102 parks. There are also plenty of places to camp, fish, or hike.

For those who prefer to stay active indoors, be sure to check out one of the recreation centers. There are four recreation centers available for residents, each of which features pools and workout equipment. Seniors can stay physically fit at the community center. The Fox Hollow and Homestead golf courses are both great places to get some sun while hitting a few balls. No matter your age, you’ll find ways to keep busy in Lakewood.