Art Imitating Nature

Inspired by the beauty of nature, luminous trees handmade creations compliment any special event to take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Classically beautiful, these enchanted life-sized led replica trees have been designed to captivate all viewers and keep people talking about your event for years to come.  dazzling your guests, they create a magical setting that make major events, commercial design projects, weddings, special occasions and hotel stays more memorable.

Luminous Trees feature thousands of illuminated led blossoms and leaves, and are available for both rental and to purchase.


LED Cherry Blossom

Covered in pretty illuminated blossoms, our led cherry trees have a brilliant sparkle for maximum impact.  the led cherry trees are stunning in daylight but really come to life at night.

Colors available: Warm white, pure white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, light blue and multi color.


LED Maple Trees

Luminous led maple trees make a stunning feature to all venues. The maple trees come in a choice of four leaf colors, and these led trees have a soft glow which spreads across the leaves creating a subtle sparkle.

Colors Available: Warm white LEDs

IMG_0485 2.JPG

LED Gingko Trees

Hailed as “undoubtedly one of the most distinct and beautiful of all deciduous trees,” the ginkgo certainly stands out. This tree also comes with a bit of history. it is a living fossil, with the earliest leaf fossils dating from 270 million years ago.

Colors available: pure white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, light blue and multi color.