When is 'too early' to put up the Christmas lights? When the calendar still reads “October” doesn’t that make it too early to put up Christmas decorations?

It is “Never Too Early” to be Ready!

Christmas is around the corner and our schedule is filing up. Contact us today to get on the schedule before it is too late or the snow interferes. We have been installing Christmas lights since October 10th and will continue until December 10th or later if we have requests.

As halloween passes today, Christmas preparation begins for shopping malls and stores. In fact Starbucks will start having their signature Christmas cups within the next 2 weeks. It never seems to amaze us how quickly time flies once Halloween passes. This year it seems like we have a lot go handle since the Thanksgiving is so early, actually a week earlier then last year.

The balls starts rolling, we have 9 Full time installers who are trained and ready to tackle every project that is passed our way. Some notable jobs that remain on our list include shopping centers, HOA’s, Castle Pines North, Littleman Ice Cream, Hotel Boulderado, Town of Niwot to name a few.

Here is a fun news segment yesterday that aired on the Denver7 about when is too early to put up holiday lights.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to lighting up your holidays.


The Colorado Christmas Lights Team